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Fire Fighter Tribute Sculpture

The Whittier Community Foundation has focused on funding projects and services that make a difference in our community. Late last year, the Foundation began to discuss all of Whittier’s brave first responders and how it could best support and honor them. Included in this discussion was the Los Angeles County Fire Department, who faithfully protects the Whittier community year-round. The Whittier Community Foundation is happy to announce that it has begun fundraising to build a Fire Fighter Tribute Sculpture outside of Fire Station 28 on Greenleaf. Our campaign involves raising $160,000 to ensure a display worthy of those who so selflessly serve our community. Two L.A. County firefighters have already posed for our artist, Alanna Roth, who is now hard at work sculpting her second Whittier-installed sculpture. We are grateful that, unlike the Police Memorial, our sculpture is constructed as an active tribute to our firefighters and not the result of the greatest sacrifice. This is an unprecedented time in California’s wildfire history- a time when first responders are uppermost in our hearts and minds. This monument is dedicated to honoring the Los Angeles County firefighters whose skill, bravery and dedication have saved the lives and homes of many.

Alanna explained “the title of the sculpture, “Stronger Together”, reflects core values of teamwork, cooperation, and camaraderie. These values provide the foundation upon which a strong force is built. Whether out on a call or in the firehouse, the need for mutual respect and support of each and every firefighter to one another regardless of gender, color, religious or personal views is critical to the success of the team. If the morale of an individual is broken, it doesn’t just affect the individual, it affects the entire team. The sculpture will stand as a reminder that we are all truly “Stronger Together.”

The Whittier Community Foundation plans to unveil the Fire Fighter Tribute Sculpture in 2019. If you would like to take part in this worthy project, you can donate HERE. Thank you for your support.

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